I’ve Changed My Name to Sam Holstein

Sam Holstein
1 min readMay 2, 2022
Your author, Megan Samuel Holstein, known as Sam for short

This is a brief announcement that I’ve changed my name from Megan Holstein to Sam Holstein. If you see articles by “Sam Holstein” crossing your dashboard, they are by me (not my husband, assistant, or brother, as some people have assumed 🙃).

Changing your name is already complicated, and changing your name as an established content creator is even more complicated. For the next year or two, you’ll probably see both “Sam Holstein” and “Megan Holstein” used to refer to me across the internet.

I would obviously prefer everyone to use the name Sam to refer to me, but I’m not offended by people continuing to call me Megan. Name changes can be confusing and I understand that. My full legal name is Megan Samuel Holstein, so it’s not as if calling me Megan is wrong, but it’s like calling someone an annoying nickname they hate: please don’t, even if that person’s childhood friends do.

If you’ve been confused as to why “Sam Holstein” is crossing your dashboard, I hope this note alleviates your confusion.

Thank you,
Sam Holstein

Sam Holstein

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